Madam Mondestin (born Ashley Mondestin) is a Haitian-American performing artist and visionary musician from Stamford, Connecticut. Citing a wide variety of influences across various mediums, she describes her sound as “blues driven neo-soul with a hip-hop attitude and modern, pop-rock flair.” With a last name meaning “my destiny” in French, Ashley makes it clear through her work that she is the master of her own destiny and that her self-expression is a revolutionary act manifesting through her art.


Through watching musical films as a child, Ashley discovered both her love for music and her desire to move others using her powerful voice and words. From then on, she began to develop her talents through different performance outlets, beginning with choir and later branching out into theater and poetry. Her enrollment in the University of Connecticut’s Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies program has been a significant inspiration for her, both as an activist and as an artist. She aims to use her platform to discuss the importance of personal autonomy and the power of vulnerable intimacy, in addition to emphasizing her belief that “the personal is political.” Among other notable achievements, some of her most recent performances have included feature roles in musical theater productions and having her poetry showcased in exhibits and other venues around the NYC area.


In 2018, Stamford-based independent label Elise Music Group took notice of Ashley’s strong artistic drive and musical works and signed her on for a development deal, and welcomed her onto the full artist roster in early 2019. Her first single,“I Wanna,”encapsulates her artistic vision, with the opening lyric“I wanna make you feel,”which could accurately serve as Madam Mondestin’s mission statement. To elaborate, Ashley says,“I want to create a feeling in my music that allows people to experience an emotion that instantly reminds them that they're not alone. I want us all to know, trust, and believe it. Music is our greatest connector.” Madam Mondestin released“I Wanna” on Valentine’s Day 2019, accompanied by a music video directed by Edwin Escobar. Her highly anticipated debut EP “Journey to Madam” followed in November, with performance dates underway in 2020.


"The Personal is Political"

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